"The textures of Hawaii are immense. There is so much natural beauty here. My sculptures trace that nature. I use nature as the tool, and ultimately, nature is the master."
-Terry Taube

Terry Taube has spent some 30 years exploring Hawaii's diverse textures - from smooth, enormous mostera leaves to jagged, molten lava. Here, he has mastered his paper casting skills as he intricately works with leaves, flowers, fish, turtles - life. In all that he does, he works closely with nature. Many of Taube's sculptures reflect his impressions of and love for Hawaii. His turtle sculptures are well-known and recognized throughout the islands, each one unique with its design and coloring. Hawaii's abundant flora, with all its colors and textures, is one of his favorite subjects. His recreation of lava, either standing alone or incorporated into a design, is so realistic in its texture and color that it seems to radiate heat.